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Let’s Try This Again

Having given this a lot of thought over the past few weeks, I have decided to try and start an actual blog as to my ups and downs in life. I would liked to have started during a time in my life where everything was going right, but as I have learned within the past few years, things don’t always work out the way you want them to. At least, that’s what I keep trying to tell myself. This blog will consist of my adventures through travel, food, relationships, and just life in general. I truly hope that by doing this, in times of bleakness, I will look back at these posts and realize a few things.

1. I have accomplished such and such things and I still have goals that are important to me that I should keep striving to reach.

2. I do have friends and family that care about me.

3. I am actually kind of awesome. (You know, in my own unique way of course) and am worthy of love. Growing up with a low self esteem, I have a tendency to forget this point quite often in low points of my life.

There is always a chance that in times of despair, I will just delete everything, but let’s hope for the best, shall we?

Speaking of hope, the hope sign from my week long trip to NYC
Speaking of hope, the hope sign from my  trip to NYC


My name is Mai and I am a recent PhD graduate. :) When not hard at work, I can be found training for a race, traveling the world, or talking about Disneyland. Come join me on my journey and help me navigate this world. :)

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