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Happy, hot, and humid, oh my – my trip to Houston, Texas

Last month, I found myself traversing through the land of Texas – more specifically Houston, Texas. Here is the breakdown of my trip.

1 apartment.

2 couches

3 air mattresses

4 days

14 people

1 giant van

= One interesting adventure

The Weather

Texas, or at least Houston and San Antonio, from what I could see, are far from being in a drought. We were there four days and it intermittently rained all four days. It was a nice relief to actually experience rain and since it was hot, we could all still walk around in shorts and a tank top. What was not a relief was the humidity. I’m sure my skin was well moisturized those four days, but I am just not a humidity kind of girl.

The Food 

(From left to right) BBs shrimp po boy sandwich, Lambic from The Ginger Man, Won Ton Noodle soup Beef Noodle soup, dumplings (bottom right) from San Dong Noodle House, Cloud 10 Creamery, and Torchy's tacos plus queso dip
(From left to right) BBs shrimp po boy sandwich, Lambic from The Ginger Man, Won Ton Noodle soup Beef Noodle soup, dumplings (bottom right) from San Dong Noodle House, Cloud 10 Creamery, and Torchy’s tacos plus queso dip

BBQ anyone? First day we got there, we had to try some Texas BBQ. A few friends of mine had suggested places and I was in a hurry to try them all. Unfortunately, we were part of a group of 14 people and had only one van so trying to accommodate everyone was a bit interesting. We did end up getting our fill of BBQ at Rudy’s Country Store and BBQ, The County Line, and Luling City Market. Rudy’s was definitely the best for short ribs. Albiet, I could be biased as that was the first place we hit after we got off the plane and were starving, but I swear, those ribs were good. Luling City Market to me felt like a hit or miss. We ordered brisket twice and the first batch was deliciously moist and the second batch was rather dry. I would not recommend going to The County Line (San Antonio). Their food was just dry all around and we tried a lot of their food (Chicken, sausage, ribs). The one thing I would go back there for was their ice cream shakes. That bluebell ice cream, fear of listeria aside, was amazingly rich and creamy. Other places we tried?  Bakkhus Taverna Greek Restaurant and Bar, Kolache Factory, BB’s, The Ginger Man, San Dong Noodle HouseCloud 10 Creamery, Torchy’s Tacos (Fried chicken taco and queso dip…yummm), La Paletera (Ice cream on a hot day is really one of the simple pleasures in life), and Niko Niko’s Greek and American Cafe. What can I say? I love to eat.

The Entertainment

Now, onto the entertainment in Houston. I can’t just eat and sit there. Like Taylor Swift says, I gotta shake it off. On our first

Kemah Boardwalk and Rudy's Country Store and BBQ
Kemah Boardwalk and Rudy’s Country Store and BBQ

day there, we went to the Kemah Boardwalk, which is essentially your average amusement park. It has games, a ferris wheel, and food. There’s even a western jail cell to take pictures in if you want. On our second day, we made a day trip to San Antonio to visit the River Walk, which is aptly named because it is literally a walk along the river. It’s tourist central as the Alamo is a few minutes walk away. The area is very calming and there are a lot of shops and eateries along the river. On day three, we were back in Houston to see the sights. We went to visit the Williams Waterwall, which is this big giant wall with water flowing from the top of it. I know, it doesn’t sound that great, but it’s really better to see in person. It’s a very breathtaking landmark and also a very touristy thing to visit. Hermann Park was another place we visited, that was also very calming. The Miller Outdoor Theater is there and if you’re in town when there’s a play, I’d recommend dropping by. They sometimes have free plays. Rice University was probably one of the prettier places we visited. Their architecture and art installations are very beautiful. Last, but not least, how can you not visit a city and not see it’s skyline? From the Chase tower – Sky Lobby, we were able to see the Houston skyline.

James Turrel's Skyscape at Rice University
James Turrel’s Skyscape at Rice University
Williams Waterwall! I'm so tiny!
Williams Waterwall! I’m so tiny!

All in all, I had fun traveling through Houston and San Antonio. The people I traveled with, all 13 of them, were great company and if I could do it again, maybe in another less humid city and with more than one giant van, I totally would.



My name is Mai and I am a recent PhD graduate. :) When not hard at work, I can be found training for a race, traveling the world, or talking about Disneyland. Come join me on my journey and help me navigate this world. :)

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