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Portland Happenings (Day 3 and 4)

Day 3:

The Reggie
The Reggie

If you thought our second day was full of food, you haven’t seen anything yet. Started off our third day making our trek east of the Willamette River and set our sights on Pine State Biscuits. The Reggie Deluxe is what they’re known for, but we opted for the eggless version of it, which was the Reggie. It’s basically fried chicken and bacon in between a biscuit with gravy drenched over it. This place is amazingly good. I would definitely go back if I was in Portland again. They have two types of gravy – one that is sausage based and the other, which is mushroom based. We got the sausage based gravy and was instantly won over. The biscuits and that fried chicken was so good. You could just feel your arteries clogging up. Luckily, we did a lot of walking afterwards to check around their local shops. There were a LOT of consignment shops or what I like to call them, a hoarder’s paradise. Walking through these shops made me realize that I really am not a fan of clutter. After some

All the Thai food from my 3rd day in Portland
All the Thai food from my 3rd day in Portland

time walking around exploring comic book shops, pet stores, and consignment shops, we ended up at Nong’s Khao Man Gai for Thai food. They have several food stands around Portland in addition to the restaurant we went to. Fun fact: I believe, the owner was on the Food Network’s Chopped, and used to work for Pok Pok, another Thai restaurant in Portland. If you’re looking for basic home cooked food, this is the place for you. We ordered the pork and rice dish and got this really simplistic dish, which I liked. The dish was light and not overpowering, which made it a nice break from all the heavy foods that we had eaten the past few days. We were in and out of there pretty quickly and on our way to getting lost.

It really is amazing how far technology has come. Both of us had been using google maps to get around using that nifty little bus function during the whole trip, but unfortunately in the middle of our third day, my phone decided to lose my GPS location and take me in the wrong direction while on low battery. Luckily, my boyfriend’s phone was able to take us in the correct direction and we were on a bus back to our airbnb spot. And as the saying goes, “When it rains, it pours.” Once we were on the bus and cruising back, we realized that we had missed our stop and was on the other side of the city. We were dropped off on the side of the road in some country side like area and just laughed at our little bump in the road. 15 minutes later, we were back on the bus, and on our way back.

That evening, we went back out, this time with a fully charged phone, to another Thai restaurant that was highly recommended called Pok Pok. I’m so glad we made the trek across the river. We ate at the bar and I’d recommend this if you’re in a party of two. We talked to the bartender and he was extremely friendly and gave us great recommendations on their food. We ordered the Kai Yaang (charcoal roasted hen with lemongrass),  Ike’s Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings, and the Muu Paa Kham Waan (Boar collar meat served with chilled mustard greens). First off, Thai food is really flavorful. Second, most Thai dishes are spicy. Now, if you can’t handle either, you really shouldn’t be eating most of the things here. My favorite dish was definitely the Muu Paa Kham Waan. It was pretty darn spicy, but so good at the same time. I mean, they serve it with chilled mustard greens. That’s how spicy it is. You need that iced veggie to calm your taste buds down. Their fish sauce wings came in a very close second. It’s their most well known dish and there’s definitely an explosion of spices in your mouth when eating this. I’d definitely recommend it.

Day 4:

Tanner Springs Park
Tanner Springs Park

Last day of our trip was pretty chill. We walked around a few parks, most notably Tanner Springs park. One of the walls there is made of train tracks and was kind of cool. We slowly made our way east and toward the airport. We dropped by Kalé for Japanese curry. If you’re into Japanese curry, I’d highly recommend this place. The owner was delightful. He informed us that they specialize in curry and therefore, do not have a variety of other dishes. We ordered the Kalé rice with chicken and the kalé rice with beef. It’s a order at the register, pick up your food there, and bus your own table type of deal and for $8 curry, I can’t really complain. As a side note, after eating lunch, we passed by a full block of food trucks selling their tasty goods. I was really sad we were full from eating or else I would have bought some food here too. We also dropped by Cacao drink chocolate. If you’re a chocolate fanatic, this is the place for you. Like the name

Our flight of sipping chocolates
Our flight of sipping chocolates

says, you drink chocolate here. We shared a flight of 2 oz sipping chocolates. The cinnamon infused chocolate was definitely my favorite. We also tried salt and straw vanilla ice cream with craque (pronounced crack). Although, it should have been spelled that way. They’re candied cacao nibs and are crazily addicting. Sadly, afterwards, we made our way back to the airport.

TLDR? – Highlights of my last two days:

Pine State Biscuits is a must try for all the foodies and even the non-foodies. Who knows? You might even convert.

Pok Pok Try the fish sauce wings! They’re yummy.

Food pods  Find some around Portland and eat to your heart’s content or until your wallet is empty.

Parks Visit some! Being from an area that’s in a drought, I found Portland to be super green and beautiful.

All in all, this was a great trip. It had food, games, getting lost, and a great vibe to it. I look forward to my next trip!



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