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Bye Bye February – I had a blast

March is right around the corner so let’s review my February, shall we?

February was a crazy month for me. It’s gotten so busy that I caved and bought a planner for myself. BEST DECISION EVER.

The Happy Planner from Michaels

I’ve been using an online calendar for the past few years, but I really just like writing plans down on a piece of paper. It makes me feel more productive. Anyway, here’s how February went down.

Networking – I kicked off the month by attending a networking event for the life sciences. I’m expected to graduate this summer and I’ve been pushing myself to get out there, meet people, and hold informational interviews. It’s been nerve wracking, but I’m doing it. With a lot of hard work and luck, I may actually find a job post-graduation. Fingers crossed!

Vegas – The day after the networking event, I went to Vegas to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I’m not a Vegas partying kind of girl, but it was fun to go to the club and dance around for a bit.

On our way to the Wynn

I also gambled at a table for the first time in Vegas and won $10 at Roulette. Hooray! I quit after one bet though. Didn’t want to develop an addiction. I often get fixated on things and gambling is just not one of those things I want to get fixated on. The temptation was real!

BibRave Pro – I became a Bib Rave Pro this month and it’s been a blast interacting with the BibRave team. I’ve also been testing out a few products by XX2i Optics and BUFF (R) and will post my reviews of them soon. 🙂

Races/Run Streak/Training – I did not run any races in February. Disappointing, right? I know I am. BUT, I did sign up for more races this month. I signed up the Rock N Roll Carlsbad5000 in April, the La Jolla Half Marathon also in April, and my biggest sign up was for the Dopey Challenge in Jan 2018. *Gulp* I hope I didn’t bite off more than I can chew.

Anyway, this month was kind of a slow month for me running wise. San Diego has been hit with random storms and it’s been really cold out lately. But fear not ladies and gents, I still hit my running goals for the month. Today is day 97 of my run streak. HOORAY! I am 3 days away from finishing my 100 day run streak and I couldn’t be more excited. Double HOORAY! I learned a lot from the run streak and will post about my experience on it soon. 🙂 I also ran 83 miles already with one more day (today) to run. I hit my goal in 27 days! WOOHOO. To date, I have run 181 miles. Only 819 miles and 10 months to go! 🙂  Barring a huge injury, I am on track to finish 1000 miles this year. Yay!


My Birthday – I turned 29 this month! Holy crap. I celebrated by having an Archery Tag event set up by UpShot Archery. Like the name implies, it’s a mix between archery and tag. You shoot the opposite team with arrows that have had their tips replaced with a foam ball. It’s a super fun activity and I recommend everybody try it out at least once in their life. You’ll totally feel like Katniss from the Hunger Games.

My group of friends at archery tag 

The same day, non-birthday related, I did this escape game. If you’ve never done one, I would encourage you to try one out. You’re placed in a locked room and have 60 minutes to solve puzzles to escape the room. Think the movie SAW, but not gruesome and no one is harmed. 🙂 Some are more intricate than others and often times, there are groupons or living social deals for it. This was my 4th time doing an escape room and it was probably the scariest one I’ve ever done. Disclaimer: I am a HUGE wimp. You can read my review of it in link above. There was “blood” on the walls and a “demon” hiding in the rooms. *shudder* The good news though is that we escaped within 45 minutes. Hooray!

We survived!

So there you have it – my February. How was your February? Did you do anything exciting? Accomplish any goals? 







My name is Mai and I am a recent PhD graduate. :) When not hard at work, I can be found training for a race, traveling the world, or talking about Disneyland. Come join me on my journey and help me navigate this world. :)

21 thoughts on “Bye Bye February – I had a blast

    1. Was that your favorite? I also did one with a zombie. That one wasn’t as scary because there was a chain attached and I just had to stay a chain length away. In the one I did recently, we were in a dimly lit room with heavy fog and I couldn’t see the “demon spirit” well. He purred in my ear and I screamed and ran across the room. LOL. 🙂 Unforgettable experience.


      1. Our zombie was attached to a chain too, but he was super scary. It wasn’t the make-up, but the incredible acting skill. He really had us believe that we were going to be eaten by him (in reality we were merely tapped out). The chain grew longer every five minutes and after a half hour, the zombie could pretty much go wherever he liked. We escaped by sacrificing people as a distraction.

        It wasn’t my favorite escape room but it was certainly different. We plan on doing more.

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    1. Thank you! I wasn’t planning on streaking beyond 100 days because I’ve been so tired lately, but who knows, I may be stubborn and continue. The streak has actually made my 1000 mile goal this year a lot more attainable too. I’m super conflicted. LOL


      1. Whatever you do, congrats on the 100 days. It is an incredible achievement and no one can ever take that away from you. lol. but if you are looking for some encouragement.. I am currently on Day 822. The first 100 days are the hardest.. it really does get easier.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Great review and happy birthday from a fellow BRP class of February rookie! I love Smashrun as well…been using it since beginning of last year. I had a year long run streak goal for last year but stopped at 167 days when I started feeling just too much pain…I also ran several marathons and trying to run the day after a full was brutal! Best of luck though…you’ll crush your mileage goal!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I didn’t run any races in February either, actually running wise, my month was kind of sad. It its what it right? Time to move on. An escape room sounds fun but I am not sure about a demon room. I mean I watch Supernatural and all but I don’t want to live it! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m not really a Vegas type of girl either but we went a few years ago and it was a lot of fun. We stayed for a long weekend and it was just the right amount of time to get the feel of Vegas and then leave! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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