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My 100 Happy Day Project

If you remember back in January, I posted my resolutions for the year. As expected, most of those have kind of fallen by the wayside, but that’s okay. I’m still working on more than half of them and that’s still a win in my book.

Today’s post will focus on one resolution in particular – my 100 happy day project. You may or may not have heard of it, but it’s a very simple project. For 100 days, you take a minute or two out of your day and reflect on something that made you happy that day. It can be something small. Something someone said. Someone opening the door for you or even just a sunset that made you feel at peace. The purpose of the project is to help you focus on the positive things in your life. Don’t dwell on the negatives, but reflect on the positives. That’s what will keep you going.

A few years ago, I did this project. I was going through a really bad break up at the time and was in a complete rut. I was going to therapy, taking medications, and nothing seemed to work. So when I came across someone else’s happy day project, I decided to try it. For those 100 days, I took photos and videos of food, friends, and activities that I did and posted them on social media. The project doesn’t require you to. You can keep it completely confidential if you choose to do so. I chose to post on social media to keep me accountable. With each photo and video that I took, I felt better about myself and my situation. I really believe I came out a stronger person after the project was over.

I haven’t been having the best outlook on life lately, so I decided it would be a good time to begin a new 100 happy day project. 🙂 This time around, I will be recording myself recapping things that made me happy that day. It’s not as exciting as pictures, but I find that if I say it out loud, I believe it more. I’m almost two weeks into my project and I definitely feel more appreciative of things I have in my life. I may or may not show the entire 100 clips on here since I think that would be too long, but I may post a few here and there for you to listen to.

I will end this post with pictures from my first 100 happy day project. Oh how much I’ve grown since then. 🙂

So tell me, have you heard of the 100 Happy Day project or done something similar? What was your take on it? 



My name is Mai and I am a recent PhD graduate. :) When not hard at work, I can be found training for a race, traveling the world, or talking about Disneyland. Come join me on my journey and help me navigate this world. :)

11 thoughts on “My 100 Happy Day Project

  1. I love this so much and I think setting aside a moment or two each day to reflect on good and happy thoughts in my life is something that I can do! Maybe I will start right now!

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  2. I love the idea and have thought about trying but I doubt that I would get to day 10 before I forgot to post or do it. I think I am 3.5 weeks behind in my planner/tracker. 😦 I am really glad that it worked for you though and I hope that this time around is just as beneficial!

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    1. Thanks Fallon! I actually use my planner for BibRave tracking. haha It’s so hard to keep track of it otherwise. I’ve been too busy to look into the other social media tools that could help me with it. LOL.


      1. I completely understand. I missed one week awhile back and had to double my efforts the following week. I also have three right now. I think two is manageable. Three is a bit hectic. Lol


  3. When my sisters and I were kids my mother would ask us what were 3 great things about the day before we went to bed at night, now that I’m an adult I understand how awesome a thing that is to do!
    I tried to do 100 happy days on Instagram but I ended up forgetting to post most

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