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Marathon Mondays – Week 6 of Chicago Marathon training

Well, this training method has been an interesting one. Here’s how week 6 went for me.

Scheduled mileageActual mileage

Monday (4 miles)4 miles

After my race the day before, I was in no shape to run anything more than what was expected of me. My quads were pretty sore, but I made it out to Movin’ Shoes for a group run and as soon as I started running, they felt better and 4 easy run miles flew by.

Tuesday (6 x 800 m with 400 m recovery; 1 mile WU and CD)6 x 800 m with 400 m recovery; 2.5 mile WU and 1.5 mile CD

This was my first real interval training. I was so unprepared for it that I brought my Hanson’s marathon method training book with me to work so I could look into the specifics of it before going into it. I think I did a pretty good job at it after looking at my pacing through the workout.

Interval 071817Although I did realize a few days later that my warm up (WU) and cool down (CD) were a bit longer than what was scheduled. Oops. It’s a work in progress. πŸ™‚

Wednesday (Rest)Rest

I’ve been sleeping so much more ever since starting this program. I need my body to restore itself so if the program says rest, I’m going to rest.

Thursday (5 miles tempo run + 1 mile WU and CD)3 mile tempo run + 1 mile WU and CD

I missed the note at the bottom of my training plan where it said WUs and CDs were supposed to be a mile each. Since I did extra miles on Tuesday’s interval training, I decreased my tempo run mileage for the day. This was probably the worst run of the week. For tempo runs, I’m supposed to run around my marathon pace. Let’s just say I didn’t hit my marathon pace during any of the miles. 😦


Friday (4 miles)4.3 miles

After Thursday’s terrible run, I took it easy and ran the 4 miles as a much more comfortable pace.

Saturday (6 miles)11 long run miles

I will probably be swapping Saturday and Sunday miles simply because my run group meets on Saturday and I lack motivation when there isn’t a group run. LOL. I ran with someone who’s around my pace and we managed 11 miles at a slightly faster pace. It wasn’t marathon pace, but I did feel very strong during this run. πŸ™‚

Sunday (10 miles)4.7 miles

Because of extra mileage earlier in the week, I only had to run 4.7 easy miles to meet my weekly mileage.

Total mileage: (38 miles)38 milesIMG_1098

Thoughts for the week:Β Although, I’m super proud of myself for meeting such a high weekly mileage goal, I am worried I’m not performing as well as I’d like in terms of speed. Depending on how my next few tempo runs go, I may have to reassess my marathon goal of 4 hours. The Chicago marathon corral assignments came out this week and I’m already having serious doubts about whether I can actually reach a sub 4 time. I guess I’ll see in a few weeks when I do more tempo runs.Β 

How do you deal with doubt when training? Any tips for anyone who wants to get faster?Β 



My name is Mai and I am a recent PhD graduate. :) When not hard at work, I can be found training for a race, traveling the world, or talking about Disneyland. Come join me on my journey and help me navigate this world. :)

26 thoughts on “Marathon Mondays – Week 6 of Chicago Marathon training

  1. I deal with doubt by sticking with my plan, but that’s why I had so much trouble with Hanson’s. I found it difficult not to deviate on running days or paces and for me, the deviation invites the doubt. I think your week went pretty well and your plan to evaluate your goal over the next few weeks is a good idea. Hopefully, you’ll get back on track with your paces.

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    1. Thanks Randy! I’m hoping that I’m not hitting my paces because of the heat so I will try and not run when it’s super hot out. LOL. Were you able to finish Hanson’s plan or did you abandon ship somewhere along the line and choose a different plan?


  2. You are doing a great job Mai and don’t feel bad…those Thursday tempo runs in Hansons are the toughest of the week…at least imo they were – brutal. Of all the workouts that I struggled with on Hansons, it was the tempo run and I think other blogs that I’ve read seem to agree. Somehow, adding those 2 miles to warm up and cool down make it even harder. But, if you persevere, you will get there. Sub-4 for you is well within reach at Chicago. I ran it in 2015 with a sub-4 goal…I used a plan similar in structure to Hansons but different and ran 3:59:55…you totally can do it!! And, summer heat will change your pace no doubt!

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  3. Corral assignments are already out?! Dang that’s early. Hanson’s can be brutal. One of the reason I love the tempo’s was because I was aiming for a slower marathon so my paces were very doable. I struggled with my easy runs. I could never run them slow enough and it pissed me off. Don’t stress about the pace, it’s summer, it’s hot, you run in the evenings right? All that automatically makes things harder. You got this!

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    1. Thanks Fallon! I think they released them early in case there were changes. I was placed in the very last corral and requested to be placed with the 4:00 to 4:15 runners. Hopefully, the request goes through. And yeah, I do run in the evenings for the most part. I may have to just run earlier in the mornings or wait until nightfall. LOL.

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  4. I always struggle with pace, when training for the marathon I ended up running the same pace all the time regardless of whether it should have been tempo or marathon pace…now I’m stuck at marathon pace and can’t seem to find speed … even on short runs!
    I think you are doing amazing!! and yes the heat will be affecting your runs too!!!

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    1. I think our minds are just set to run at a slower pace during marathon training. It’s telling us “You’re running a marathon. We can’t go all out. You’ll die.” LoL. I’m sure your brain will figure out soon that you’re not training for that anymore. 😊


  5. Thirty-eight miles? Wow. Now I’m even more insecure about my marathon training. I’m not near that mileage. Eek! You sound like you’re right on top of your plan though! I like Saturday long runs over Sunday long runs myself. It gives me a buffer day to be super lazy/recover before work. πŸ™‚

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    1. Running 38 miles a week is completely out of my comfort zone. I’m really feeling the fatigue this week and am not sure I can keep up with the training. Don’t feel insecure. Everyone’s body is different and can handle different mileages. The last marathon I trained for, my peak weekly mileage was 32 miles. I remember feeling really tired then too. LOL. Just do what your body can handle. πŸ™‚


  6. You had an amazing week! Do get lots of rest and as much as you need during Hanson’s. And if you’re able to stick it out, you will be one bad a** girl with a ton of confidence!! 😁

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