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October and November Endings

November has gone and now it’s December. Wow. And since I didn’t write an October re-cap, this post will combine both of them.

Highlights in October 

Running my second marathon in the Windy City

Followed by my 18th half marathon at Rock N Roll Los Angeles two weeks later

My first author paper on chromatin assembly was published into the Journal of Biological Chemistry

Lowlights in October

My three year long distance relationship ended

October started off as a really strong month for me. My paper was published. I ran my second marathon, PRed by 25 minutes, and decided that I would really try and get into this whole marathoning business. Then, still suffering from the post-marathon blues, my SO broke up with me and my world kind of just stopped. Things were still happening around me and I tried to take part, but it was hard. Ever pretend that things are okay, but it actually isn’t? Yep. That was me.

Highlights in November

I bought a weighted blanket

Discovered NPR podcasts: Hidden Brain, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, and How I Built This

Ran my 19th half marathon and crossed it off my bucket list

Discovered AirBnB experiences


Begun to kick the post-marathon blues

Lowlights in November

Seasonal sadness

November was slightly better. I didn’t have as many highs in November, but I also didn’t suffer from incredible lows either. I bought myself a weighted blanket. (They are awesome and I highly recommend them). Ran my 19th half marathon. Listened to podcasts and learned really interesting things. Met a cool Harris hawk through AirBnB experiences, and resumed running (just in time for the Dopey Challenge).


It’s still a challenge, but I’m still trying and I think that’s all I can ask of myself right now. 🙂

Burst Cherry Tomato Linguine with Shrimp from Run Fast. Eat Slow.

How was your November? Tell me something happy that happened to you. 🙂