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Marathon Mondays – The Struggle is Real

Eek! Cutting my Marathon Mondays post kind of close. Life has been kind of hectic, but nevertheless, I got my post in. Hooray! And without further ado, my week 2 recap.

Honolulu marathon training 

(Planned miles) Actual miles

Monday (4 mile easy pace) 5.5 miles – Since I was short on time, I broke up my 5 mile run into a 2.5 and 3 mile run. It was 2.5 miles on the treadmill and 3 miles outside with my run group. I also ran an additional mile because I knew I wouldn’t be able to do 6 miles on Wednesday.

Tuesday (Rest) 1 mile warm up with 21, 15, 9s – I will preface this by saying that I basically do no upper body workouts unless I absolutely have to …which is probably why this workout absolutely destroyed my arms for the rest of the week. LOL. Seriously. I could not sleep on my right arm because it hurt so bad. Q_Q

It is called 21, 15, and 9 because these are the #s of times you have to perform a certain action. I did 21 squats with a barbell and some weights followed immediately by 21 burpees. Then, I did 15 squats, 15 burpees, 9 squats, and 9 burpees. To make things worse, I had to increase my intensity meaning I had to do it FASTER over time. God, what did I put myself through? LOL. By my last set, my arms were shaking a ton and when I got back to my desk to resume working, I realized that it hurt to type. -_- Let’s just say the rest of the workday was not pretty.


Wednesday (6 mile easy pace) 4.5 miles – It was warm, but I powered through with a running buddy. Celebrated with a capri sun. LOL

Thursday (5 mile easy pace) 4 miles – Broke up another run with 3 miles and 1 mile run. I intended to weight lift this day as well, but my arms said otherwise.

Friday (Rest) Rest – Hallelujah! 🙂

Saturday (8 mile easy pace) 8 mile run – Another tough long run. Despite waking up early to go for a run (7 am), it was still rather humid and the humidity was just killing me on the run. My shoulder was also still very sore so I was on the struggle bus for a good chunk of the run. At 4 miles, I had to take a walk break and at every mile thereafter, I had to take a walk break. Luckily, a friend had run with me and was being a great sport about walking with me when I needed. 🙂

Sunday (Rest) Yoga – Helloooo active recovery. Stretching is something that I’m just so terrible at, but on Saturday, I bought a nice yoga mat and decided that I would try and incorporate more yoga into my life. I’m not going to lie. I hate stretching. It’s painful and 30 minutes into a yoga class, I was sweating more than I thought I would (for a non hot yoga class). LOL. But after the class, I feel like I accomplished something. Sooooo what I guess I’m saying is that I will continue to do yoga and hopefully one day, I’ll like it. Hah!


Question for you: Do you like or dislike yoga? If you do like yoga, what’s your favorite kind? 


My name is Mai and I am a recent PhD graduate. :) When not hard at work, I can be found training for a race, traveling the world, or talking about Disneyland. Come join me on my journey and help me navigate this world. :)

8 thoughts on “Marathon Mondays – The Struggle is Real

  1. LOVE me some yoga. I do Bikram (hot) which is definitely not for everyone. Although I do find that a lot of crazy runners really love it cause it’s definitely a tougher and more athletic type of yoga and provides great strengthening and stretching. I’ve had some people in classes before just hours after they’ve completed their marathon (that’s the real crazies!!). Good luck incorporating it all–I am sure it will enhance your training!

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