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2020 Global Running Day

Disclaimer: I received a free race entry to review the 2020 Global 24 Hour Relay as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

Global Running Day, Weds June 3rd, is upon us once more, but this year, it’s going to be a bit different. With COVID19, stay at home orders, and social distancing in place for a lot of cities, celebrating it by running in groups isn’t going to really be a thing and that’s okay. We always have 2021 Global Running Day and beyond assuming the world doesn’t come crashing down, but I digress. 🙂

This year, since I can’t be running with my usual Fleet Feet crew, I’ll be participating in a global 24 hour virtual relay race, that was started by the Rochester Running Company. On Weds June 3rd at 12 am, someone will start running for 30 minutes and when they’re done, they’ll be passing the “baton” to their fellow runner by texting them or calling them letting them know it’s their turn. I think it’s a great idea if you aren’t able to run with others, but still want to feel connected to other runners. So for 24 hours, someone on your team will be running. They’ve set it up so that there are 48 slots for each team and each team is determined by city. You don’t necessarily have to live in that city, but if you do sign up for that city, you will be running for that time zone when you select your availability. 🙂

Running solo for days

I’ll be running for team San Diego obviously. 🙂 By participating, I and anyone else who participates will get a medal and a t-shirt. You’re also entered to win prizes from Trigger Point, Garmin, Goodr, and Maurten. If you’re interested, registration ($30) is open until Jun 1st at 12:59 PM so make sure to get registered. Also, don’t fret if there aren’t enough people on your team. The Rochester Running Group will have those slots filled no problem. 🙂

So how will you be celebrating Global Running Day this year?


My name is Mai and I am a recent PhD graduate. :) When not hard at work, I can be found training for a race, traveling the world, or talking about Disneyland. Come join me on my journey and help me navigate this world. :)

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